Upholding Our Restaurant Responsibilities During COVID-19 Period

Our Team would like to assure you that our restaurant has always been maintaining a clean and safe environment for all our dear customers.

Please be ensured that you would continue to be served with the highest food safety standards.

During this COVID-19 period, our guests and staff would be undergoing temperature checks.

  • All our staff is also required to wash their hands frequently.
  • Additional hand sanitizers have been placed for staff and guests.
  • Deep cleansing of our restaurant would be conducted in a much more frequent manner every day.
  • All seatings would be organised with a safe distance capacity.

Additional Information on Tables and Seating Arrangement in Complying to Social Distancing

(Accordance to Enterprise Singapore Press Release; Measures in place until 30 Apr but may be extended if the COVID-19 situation does not improve – Ministry of Health Singapore)

  • Our tables and seats would be set at least one metre apart for different groups of diners.
  • Related diners (e.g. family members, couples) can be seated together.
  • Dining groups must be limited to 10 persons or fewer.
  • For private celebrations like birthdays and weddings, we would disperse congregations of more than 10 persons by splitting the group into separate tables and ensuring a distance of at least one metre between tables. (Please send in your number of pax for us to advise you further)

Please bear with us during this difficult moment. We hope you would still support us during this crisis so that all our staff can retain their jobs and our restaurant can continue to serve quality food and bring Singapore Proud.