Celebrating the Taste of Argentina For the First Time in Singapore

In conjunction with the Embassy of Argentina in celebrating the Taste of Argentina, for the first time in Singapore.
Our restaurant is happy to feature 2 of our Argentina Wines in November that are available for all our dine-in customers.


About Mendoza Malbec

Malbec is the flagship variety of Argentina and the one that best represents Argentina’s palate: since 2011 it has been the most cultivated variety in the country and has positioned itself as a leader in volume, quality, and exports worldwide. Malbec from Mendoza is a dry style of red wine and is one of the most popular styles of wine to emerge from Argentina. Although the grape variety originated in the French regions of Cahors and Bordeaux, it was Mendoza in Argentina that really propelled the variety to success.

The Achaval Ferrer Mendoza Malbec is an inevitable reflection of the variety that is emblematic to our country, the mountainous ranges of the Andes and the sun. Composed of various vineyards, located in the major geographic references that the Cuyana province offers, this young wine, potent and velvety wine, expresses pleasure, smooth and soft, combining land and flavors in one clear strong message. It also displays aromas of violet and crushed raspberry, following through to a medium-bodied palate, which lingers with a pleasant aftertaste of licorice and mint. This wine explains Malbec as well as Mendoza in one universal language.

Blend: Malbec

Price: $18++ per glass / $88++ per bottle (Dine-In)

About Sea of Stones

Sea of Stones is a home property in Mendoza; the winery is on the estate and all of the Layer Cake Malbec is made on the estate as well. The estate is adjacent to the Mendoza River in Argentina – terrain strikingly similar to that of Chateauneuf du Pape in the Rhône Valley. During the post-ice age melt, the Mendoza River swelled to over 5 miles wide and as the meltwater slowed, it left behind a layer of cobblestones, gravel, and soil hundreds of feet deep. The entire ground surface of the area is cobblestones as far as the eye can see, a Sea of Stones.

The Layer Cake Sea of Stones red blend is extremely dense and concentrated. Opaque purple, almost black in color, the aroma is full of ripe black fruit, grilled bread, pencil lead, wet stones, lavender, blueberry pie, and black cherry. On the palate, there is layer upon layer of savory fruit, spice notes, espresso, and dark chocolate as well as a rich, creamy texture. The aromas and flavors carry on long after the wine is gone from your mouth, the finish taunting you to have another sip.

Blend: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cab France

Price: $17++ per glass / $78++ per bottle (Dine-In)

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About The Winery

Mendoza is one of the greatest wine regions in the world that holds 75% of the total vineyards in Argentina and the largest number of wineries in the country. Its wines range between world-famous, award-winning malbecs, and simple vino patero (foot-pressed wine). That diversity is also evident in Mendoza’s terroir and that makes it the most important wine province and one of the main producing centres in the world.

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